August 19, 2017 started the craziness of Junior Year! The new freshmen were moving in and along with many others, including the other members of the Ignite servant team, we helped the freshmen move in to their new homes for the next year! Boxes, televisions, and even refrigerators were all over the parking lot just waiting to be carried into these dorms. It was hot and muggy, but one thing is for sure, we made a huge impact on the new people coming to Campbell and showing them that they are a part of the awesome family that we have on campus!

Next the adventures of Welcome Week began! A super early start at 6:30 in the morning for the annual running of the camels! Run or walk a 5K and get a free t-shirt! It’s truly what college is all about! Another cool thing was being able to sit in the football stadium and watch the solar eclipse happen right in front of our eyes. We were unable to see the total eclipse, but being at 93% was still pretty cool as we could easily see how much darker it got! With the street fair and classes starting too, it seemed like we could have made an entire year out of the fun in the first few days, but it was only the beginning!

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This year was definitely the busiest year I had with all of the school work and clubs that I am involved in, but I have to stay busy right? First semester was a lot of work, but I still managed to somehow take a class in kayaking! I love the river and it was so much fun being able to take my kayak down to school and take it on the Cape Fear a few times throughout the semester. The best part was all of the friends I had on the river with me! What really is college without a couple classes that you can just relax and have fun in? Of course, with classes though, came the many, many, MANY trips to Cookout throughout the year! It started directly after the first Ignite of the year and didn’t stop until just after graduation! First semester I was also given the role of Weatherman in our Monday evening broadcast of Campbell Now News! I have always been a crazy and entertaining guy, but will someone tell me why I go even crazier on camera? It started as simply reading the five day forecast to making jokes and dressing up for these very short, one minute snippets of what to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. I even had short period with a hashtag I called, #ShootThatCane, as I was pointing on camera and it looked as if I was firing a gun at the hurricane that was in our area.

Still all before the end of the first semester, I had a lot of firsts! I went to a corn maze for the first time with Ignite and got lost a couple of times. I went to Chapel Hill for Late Night with Roy to celebrate the beginning of college basketball season and the National Championship Win from the end of the 2017 season. However, my favorite first was starting my job with the Audio Visual Team at Campbell! The first game I ever worked was a soccer game and it just happened to be a double-header at that! I was immediately thrown in working hard and I was so excited to join this crew of awesome people! Having the experience as a Communication Studies student, I quickly moved from top cam, to floor cam, to graphics, and I even directed a couple of productions towards the end of the basketball season! With that, one of the biggest highlights in that job was working the ESPN basketball games where I worked a floor camera and was the main camera for court side interviews with coaches and players! In such little time working with this team, I learned a lot and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future! The Christmas Tree Lighting, put on by SGA each year was a huge success and a great ending to the semester just before finals and heading into break!

Second semester of Junior Year came around and it was my hardest semester yet with a full 18 credit hours full of difficult classes that I really had to focus in on. However, would it really be a full semester if I didn’t add more on top of that? Second semester started with a bang fitting thirteen people in a small production trailer while trying to stay warm from the bitter cold of outside. I also went to the North Carolina College Media Association conference in Raleigh at NC State where I learned a lot and was able to get together with some friends to come up with new ideas for our campus! From there, more and more started building. Wake Up CU, the Campbell Talk Show on Campus began and quickly became a success with all of the fun and interviews we did concerning people on Campbell’s campus. I was working with some of the best out of the Communication Studies department and I got a real taste of what it was like going live and understanding real television. As the semester progressed I was stressing more and more everyday as all of the work piled on, but somehow I got through it with a positive attitude all the way! There was a dog that someone brought to Math 118 and I was able to just hang out with the dog for an entire class period and there was a student ambassador field day where we got to play all of the fun middle school games we all missed as a kid, with someone even getting hurt at the end jumping a little rope (ME). However, to end the year right, I took an impulse trip to the beach on the last day of spring break, I saw DNCE live from the floor in the convocation center, I attended Sigma Alpha Omega’s Formal dance thanks to a great friend who knew I would be a ton of fun to dance with, and a HUGE end of the year party with my absolute favorite campus ministry to end on a high note!

With all of this, it makes it sound like college is all nice and dandy, but I will say, there were a lot of tears shed this year as well. Change happens and a lot of times, it is hard to imagine life in a different way, but as Walt Disney always said, we must “Keep Moving Forward.” At the end of the year, my campus ministry, Ignite, became Ignite SG, and on top of that, being a junior is hard because all of your senior friends that you have made through the 3 years of college so far are finally graduating and it’s just difficult to imagine another year in Buies Creek without so many of these people. They have shaped the way I know Campbell University because coming into Campbell, they were the experts. They had been here for a year already and I was looking to the to find out how I fit into the society of Campbell University.

Junior Year was a long year, but I’ll be honest, I’m glad it was! There were definitely some points in there that I just didn’t want to end ever. College moves fast as it seems like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorm of Kitchin Hall, but now that doesn’t even exist anymore because they are making way for a brand new student center. Change, Change, Change. That is what is coming in the future, so the best thing to do is to keep my head up and focus on the future that is quickly racing towards me!



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