February 15, 2018: It’s 70 degrees outside, I have nothing to do, and many of my friends are busy. I love being with other people, but nights like tonight are what bring me closer to God. I parked next to the chapel on campus and figured I would take a stroll around Campbell as it is one of the most beautiful places on this Earth. I first made a stop in the meditation garden behind the bell tower and really talked to God. I stepped inside and read a few verses from Psalm where the large Bible was open. Next to the Bible is a notebook filled with prayer requests. I simply started writing and I let me mind move the pencil as God spoke to me. It ended up being a simple prayer but something I needed. As I walk around campus, I find myself listening to the sounds of nature and not having a single care in the world as I walk and wait for God to speak to me. I am super extroverted and I love people. I want to be around others all the time, but nights like tonight have God telling me to slow down and look around. I’m a junior now, soon headed for my senior year of college and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. Where will Life take me, I’m not sure, but God is always talking and a walk around campus listening to natural sounds is what brought me to find that out. The lighting on campus and the shadows that are formed create beautiful art around. The wind is blowing and adding a slight chill to the air, but it allows me to breathe deeply and constantly focus on God! I always find myself thinking harder about life after 9:00pm. It’s when I have the deepest conversations with friends and it’s when I am most reflexive in my life. Without this time to walk around and look at myself in a different light, I would never grow as a person. These random warm nights in the middle of winter remind me that the world is constantly changing and nothing can stay the same forever, however, one thing I will always know is that whether there are physical people around or not, God is right by my side. In the light, in the dark, in the world, and in my heart! Thank You God for blessing my life and allowing me to share nights like tonight with you!

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