What an incredible year is has been. I had so many firsts this year and a ton of new adventures that still baffle me that it actually happened!

January started off like any new year, busy as school started back and pushing forward. Going into the new year, I knew something great was going to happen, but I really didn’t know what to expect from the future. When I first got back to Campbell, it was snowing and few people were back on campus, so I walked around and acted as a reporter giving an inside look as to what was going on around campus with the snow and ice that was on the ground. IMG_5672

February rolled around and it sure was a blast! In February I got to hang out with my friends and my family spending quality time with those that I love, just as February should be! It was my grandmother’s 80th birthday, it was Campbell’s Founders Week, and it was even time for me to take another role in Scouting as the Section’s Vice Chief of Program just before Conclave! From ice skating in 80 degree weather to finding out I was going on a trip of a lifetime to New York City, February seemed to be another positive beginning to what this year was going to bring!

March soon flew by, but not without leaving a few memories for me! From the southern state of North Carolina to north of the Mason-Dixon line, I traveled to New York City, New York. I was in New York for the College Media Association Conference where I represented Campbell University Broadcasting with my professor and two other broadcasting students. The trip was my first flight ever. We flew to New York, then on the way back a blizzard took over NYC and we had to take an 11 hour train ride back to Raleigh. This trip was truly amazing as I attended a taping of Good Morning America and I was actually on the show asking Danielle Steele a question about one of her books! It was a dream come true to be on National Television and I enjoyed it so much!

2017 was only three months in and I felt like I was ready to go to heaven because nothing else could top what had already happened that year. Then God stepped in and said, “bet.” God threw even more amazing things into my life. It was now April and I was ready for what was to come. The semester was almost over and I was spending the month of April with my closest friends because there is only so much time in a lifetime to do so. As I was, I couldn’t wait for what was coming up at the end of April, the CAB Spring Concert that is put on in the convocation center every year! This year was Chase Rice! Chase Rice being a country star, one of my favorite radio stations of all time came out to support the North Carolina Singer. 94.7 QDR out of Raleigh came down and was giving away meet and greet passes. I walked up and began talking to the people that were at the tent. I asked if the station had any internships for the summer. I was given a couple of email addresses and I quickly slipped into an awesome summer internship!

April showers brought May flowers and my summer of Radio was about to begin! I attended Campbell Graduation to support one of my dear friends as she moved forward to Grad School in Virginia, then at WQDR, I was immediately in the office editing audio, calling winners, and helping out wherever I needed to because I was having the time of my life. At concerts I worked the QDR Party deck and met multiple country stars as well as talked to fans about why they loved QDR.

I was off to the races in June. I had found my place at QDR and my summer was off. I was working hard and learning a lot, but none of it would have been possible without the awesome people I worked with. Also in June a great friend of mine got married and I got to go to camp for a little bit to share time with some of my favorite people!! June is hot, but keeping busy and being with the people I love keep it nice and refreshing!

July came around and my internship was almost over. I finished my time with QDR with one final hometown tour before heading home! The next day I packed up and headed to the Summit Bechtel Family Reserve for the 2017 National Boy Scout Jamboree! This was my third Jamboree and my third time having my birthday at the Summit! While there, I shared a tent with two region chiefs which I had previously met at a national event the year before. I felt so important and I was very lucky to be on staff with the OA Exhibit staff as a part of Operation Arrow! During the event I met some awesome people and spent time with so many friends! I was also able to see President Donald Trump in person, help organize thousands of people, and spread joy to thousands of people who came through the exhibit and the Summit Circle!

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With a quick trip to Tennessee to help move my sister into her apartment for Grad School, August came around and it was time to move back to school! I packed up my stuff and headed for Buies Creek! That morning, QDR was having one of their last Hometown Tours in Clayton, so I stopped by as it was on my way to school! It was great to stop by and say goodbye to everyone as I was heading back to Campbell! I moved in early and was ready to help out with Freshman move-in day which was just around the corner. As soon as more people got to campus, I was able to find friends to help move in and being able to see everyone again was wonderful. Being away from friends that long is difficult, but it makes being together even more special!

September quickly approached and became one of the busiest months of the year, but was a lot of fun! This semester I took a kayaking class and most of the trips happened in September. It was great because I got to kayak with my roommates down the Cape Fear and just enjoy nature on the ride! During September, I also became very comfortable in the TV Studio shooting weather reports for Campbell Now! and  continuously learning more and more. Also in September, I got to spend another wonderful weekend down at camp for Fall Fellowship with the lodge. Just to round out the month right, my friends and I also took a trip to Raleigh for some fun at Defy Gravity!

October was awesome with some community service, the state fair, a trip to the beach, and Late Night with Roy, it was filled with a lot of fun. I enjoyed spending time with all of my friends and making memories that would last a lifetime! I was also inducted into Lamda Pi Eta, the Communication Studies Honor Society and I was able to be the guide for my dad as he went through his Vigil!

November came up faster than I thought! November brought beautiful fall leaves and my absolute favorite Campbell Event of the year, the Christmas Tree Lighting! It is always good to go to a church service with friends and praise the Lord for all He has given us. Shortly after came one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving which is full of family and food. I also got to direct my first stream during one of the athletic events at school! It made me feel so important and I had actually learned a lot!

Last but not least comes December. At the beginning of the month, life was super stressful as it was finals, but even studying, I love spending time with my friends! When school ended, it was time to go home and spend time with family for the holidays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and all of the love from family and friends this time of the year is the absolute best!

2017, definitely one of the best years yet, but I know that God has amazing things in store for me in the future. This year has taught me so many amazing things and I know that staying positive, being kind, and being myself are going to propel me into the future of the world. Thank you 2017, Here’s to an incredible 2018! Happy New Year!

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