Forward, backward, side to side, up, down, and diagonally; life are all around us. You never know what direction you will go when you wake up in the morning, but no matter what, before one goes to sleep, they plan for the future. God knows what’s going to happen next, but no one person on Earth can say everything that will happen the next day in their life, however, we all continue to plan out our days like we control it all.

At this point in my life, Junior year of college, I am currently in the rut of trying to plan every little thing that is going to happen. I am trying to plan where I am going to go after college, the jobs I am going to work, and where my life is headed. In the last couple of weeks, I have come to the conclusion that life is simply an adventure and we can either ride the rollercoaster, live the adventure, and enjoy life, or constantly battle the universe and do our best to control everything that happens. Fun fact, no one will ever be able to control their life completely. This current time is a perfect example of that. None of the victims of Hurricane Harvey planned on their houses being flooded or swept away, just like people on the east coast are getting ready for Hurricane Irma, but no one will be ready for the full effects of it.

The adventure of life leads us in so many directions but living that adventure is what makes everyones life interesting. As our life goes on, we get mad at God and yell at him for what he has thrown at us in life, but God gives his greatest challenges to his strongest followers. James 1:1-12 explains how we should stay true to God even when he tests us. Those who are will be blessed by the Lord. We are all called to be like him, we are all called to spread his word, and we are all called to live the adventure of life. Through it all, we will rise, we will fall, but we will learn what is best for us!

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