What in the world? Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was graduating high school and getting ready to move into a dorm for the first time. It’s hard to believe that I am already halfway through my college career, but I am extremely thankful for what has happened this past year!

Move-In day was August 19th, 2016 and from there everything took off! Welcome week was a ton of fun! I got to hang out with some old friends and make a bunch of new ones as well!

This year was the year that I began to truly find myself. Freshman year was difficult, I felt like I was stuck in a hole that continued to get deeper and deeper. At the beginning of this year, I found my true family on campus at Campbell. This year, God showed me the way.

The beginning of the semester started out strong as I started working with two wonderful friends as we planned Ignite for the upcoming year. Along with Ashley Thomason and Emily Little, I lead a small campus ministry that started with a small amount of people grow into a large family that we have today. This year, Ignite has given some of my best memories through the year. We traveled to Raven Rock for a day of hiking, we went to the movies, we made wedding dresses of toilet paper, we played taboo, we had deep conversations, we shared a coffee or two, we created two holidays (Thanksmas and St. Vleaster’s), but most of all, we worshipped the lord together and grew into a true family on campus. Without this family, who knows where I would have been this year? However, I know one thing for sure, I would have sat in my room a lot more often! Thank You to my Ignite family for being there for me at all times I love y’all!

Throughout this entire year, there has definitely been one strong theme! The theme for my sophomore year of college was definitely “Friendship.” This year, I learned more about being a friend than I have ever learned before and this year I truly felt loved by so many people on campus it isn’t funny. I made new, reconnected with the old, and we had some crazy times together. For starters, I watched an entire season of the Bachelor without dying and I kept up with it too (which is a little scary). We almost got written up by the RA (my roommate) for being too loud, we went Christmas Caroling, we played volleyball, we went to Zaxby’s (I don’t even know how many times), we climbed under the Christmas Tree, we went to the gym, we scared each other, we laughed, we cried, we screamed, we smiled, but most of all we loved. We loved being with each other through thick and thin. We loved sitting and having simple conversations about life and getting through it without exploding. So whether it was a simple conversation on a bench outside of the library, a trip to get food, doing homework, a simple “how was your day” text, or every night in an apartment hanging out, it was worth it and I will never forget those memories.

This year, I also learned a lot. I was in the craziest of classes. From Biology where I was “Right??” all the time to Photography where we captured the moment, and Statistics where I wanted to cry to Interpersonal Communication where I learned the weirdest things about other people, I was with people that I enjoyed being around and that I learned a lot from. Where else can you learn how to understand a person’s body language and how to calculate the percentage that someone is right all at the same time? Education is the reason we go to college, but what is education without a little fun thrown in at the same time?

Throughout this year I was able to accomplish a lot of stuff! We had Hurricane Matthew come through where we were on campus for a few days without power, I was able to be the Campbell News Reporter during a huge snow storm, I played on a volleyball team that at one point had a winning record, I worked with incoming students and told them how wonderful Buies Creek is, I performed in a Lip Sync Battle and killed it, I stuffed a camel, and most of all, I was the savior in the midst of numerous rain storms. When they say “the Creek is Rising,” they absolutely do not lie. It rains, it pours, and you have to be ready for it because if you aren’t, you’re going to get drenched!

A lot happened this year for sure, but there was one memory that I will never ever forget. That was my New York trip with Professor Brian Bowman, Sammy Steichen, Taylor Deckert, Ashley Cooper, Rachel Davis, Dia Huth, Abigail Pore, Austen Brennan, Jessica Furlipa, Haven Hottle, and Billy Liggot. The trip lasted about four days at the end of Spring Break, but y’all, I was on TV!!! I was on Good Morning America and it was absolutely a dream come true! I will never ever forget this trip. You can read more about the full trip in my post #NewYorkWithGray!

My sophomore year at Campbell University, full of excitement, fun, and love. The things that I did this past year, the people that I was around, the love that the year was full of all lead to my future and that’s where I’m headed now. A lot happened, that’s for sure, but one thing that will never be gone is the fact that we are all camels through and through. Buies Creek is in our hearts and we bleed Campbell Orange!


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