My horoscope for this week says that I am working on myself and that this is the perfect time for it! This is the time in my life that I am focusing on improving myself as a person. Hearing this was odd because I have been working to improve myself everyday! My main question is, why si this happening now and why is now a good time instead of before?

It’s the secret to life! “People Change People” That’s what Cory Matthews says anyway. My entire life I have been an observer. I have always enjoyed people watching and learning how others operate just by watching and listening to things they are doing. In my life, I have found that God has put certain people in my life not only for me to watch and learn, but for them to watch over me. I have never been one to ever put myself first, I have always looked out for other people and I have never truly cared what was going on to me as long as everyone around me was safe and happy. Lately, God has been speaking and working in my life and explaining that it is important to care for others but that I need to care for myself too. I need to take time and focus at least some of my energy on myself instead of constantly worrying about others. Well, let me tell you, it’s not easy. Going from barely knowing myself to thinking about how I could improve myself on a daily basis is a difficult thing. However, here is what I have learned.

The people that we have in our lives will impact us in many different ways. For me, I’ve found my people an those people are constantly encouraging me to make myself better which is where all of this started. God knows that humans are hard headed, he knows that we aren’t going to truly listen unless it is on our terms, which is wrong, but that is one of the things that pulls us away from God. For me, I have prayed, I have taught, I have spread the love of Christ, but there has been something missing and that is myself. I was missing from my own life. So God took this person and made me get to know them a lot better. The best part about it is God put them in my life for them to tell me not to give up on myself and to continue moving and God out me in their life to do the same for them. When there are others in your life that you feel need you, they are also helping you. They are changing you into something better as well. No matter the encounter, whether you are a student or a teacher, in both roles, there is something to learn.

The people you meet will change you and you will change them as well. It doesn’t matter how short or how long you have known someone. Nothing in your life can be completely unseen. Once something happens, it is there and that situation had some effect on you one way or another. The people that I have met in my life have impacted me in a huge way and I am incredibly thankful for all of them because they are the reason I am who I am today! “People Change People” It’s the secret to life.



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