It’s that time of the year again when everyone is setting their New Year Resolutions and there needs to be a way to stay on top of what our goals are!

I feel that I have officially hit that point in life where it is time to make some decisions. 2017 is coming fast and looking back at what I have accomplished in 2016 is difficult, but it is important to keep track of. Going into the second half of my sophomore year of college, I feel like my mind should be made up with all of my goals, of course thats what society makes me believe, but we all know that life is going to throw me in 100 different directions before it is all done.

Anyway, My question is, what are your goals and are they measurable? I have talked to a lot of people lately and I am always asking them about their plans for the future and what their goals are once they finish a certain point and rarely can they tell me because there are so many different avenues. One of my biggest wonders is why people don’t set their dreams to be their goals. Even as a young child, people are always told to dream big and for you, the sky is the limit, but many people dream and never try to reach for those dreams. I dream all of the time about things that may not happen to me in my lifetime, but I know for a fact they wont happen if I don’t try to get to them.

I have learned that confidence is the biggest issue for reaching for your dreams. One must be confident in themselves to reach the top of where their goals are. It is easy to see others succeed and say, “I’ll never be like them” and simply move on with the rest of our lives not trying to get out of our comfort zone. If 2016 has taught me anything, it is definitely the fact that life is short. Life is so short that you should live every day like it is your last, but never forget to plan for tomorrow because when it does come, you have to be ready for anything. Everyone on this earth has different goals in life. Some of them are very difficult to strive for, but others can be completed soon. One of the biggest things with the goals that we make is the fact that we don’t separate the big goals into something smaller for us to look forward to. Once a large goal is made, it is important to make weekly goals or maybe even daily goals to help you get to that point. Once you set those short goals, your confidence will go up and your goals will become easier to reach.

Confidence will improve your self-esteem and your life will improve tremendously, but it is important to ground yourself with measurable items but be confident that you can reach those items in the sky. There is always a way, it may be difficult, but you can do it! How are you supposed to get to the second floor without taking that first step up the stairs? Be confident in yourself, set goals, and follow your dreams!!


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