September 22, Mid-day, that’s when it happened! The flood. How do we get passed the flood you ask? You must build an ARK!!

This time of year is stressful for everyone! We are all back to a routine with the kids at school and the adults going to work, it’s the official work routine of work, eat, sleep. Eventually things at home start piling up, your weekends are always booked, holidays and family events are just around the corner. It’s a Flood of emotion and stress. I get stressed all of the time. Stress from school, work, volunteer positions, etc. but it is important to keep a smile on your face when all of this is coming at you. That smile can not only help improve your mood, but also improve the moods of those around you! When the whole world gets into this routine, everything becomes stagnant and there isn’t much to give small amounts of joy to anyone. That’s where the ARK comes in. What is your ARK and how can you use it to help others and yourself?

If everyone in the world completed their ARK, the world would be much better. What makes this even better is that building the ARK is how you stay safe in the flood of life. Your ARK could change the world. Changing the world is simple, you just have to start small and move from there. Everything in your life is a choice. When you need help and you turn to God, God will help, but he isn’t just going to give you things. God is going to give you the opportunity to grow and complete his plan for you! If you ask for patience, God is going to give you the opportunity to be patient and learn patience. God works in amazing ways and he works in ways that no one can predict.


God wants everyone to love each other and it is important to love each other as God loves! A way to love the way God loves is by helping others. Helping others will make them smile and give you a sense of need in the world and will in turn make you happy! How do we change the world? One Act of Random Kindness at a time. It’s simple! ARK, Acts of Random Kindness. Don’t drown, help others, change the world, and build an ARK!


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