ABCD, It’s the beginning to the English Alphabet. It’s four letters that sit together in many different cases and can mean many different things to everyone. There are a lot of medical terms that are shortened by these four letters. However, ABCD is something that many people use to describe why they are doing something.

ABCD: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!

In my opinion, going Above and Beyond can be put towards anything. Friendships, classes, relationships, etc., all have some kind of call of duty to them. I was sitting in class on the first day of my sophomore year of college. My professor looks at us and says, “We are going to have a lot of fun in this class, but if you want an A, you have to be exceptional.” In her eyes, A’s are for people that go way above and beyond the call of duty. A’s are for people to do exceptional work and cannot be compared to anything else. If your work is not exceptional, your work is C level. A C is average. Doing the bare minimum earns you a C. Being exceptional is something that everyone should strive for. Is it more work? Of course it is! However, no one has ever been recognized for doing the bare minimum of work. The people that are recognized are those that push themselves to the breaking point and find the deeper parts of their minds to reach for the gold, grab a star, and earn what they have been working towards.


In this picture above, Michael Phelps is swimming for a gold medal in one of his final races as an olympian. The entire swim, Phelps kept his head focused on the end result. The South African Swimmer next to him taunted Phelps before the race and in the middle of it was focused on where Phelps was instead of focusing on winning the race. Phelps received the Gold Medal that night and it was because he went Above and Beyond of his own training. Phelps focused on himself, he focused on his past, he focused on the prize at the end that he wanted. If Phelps was focused on others in the race, he probably would not have done so well because he would be too worried.

Being exceptional is something that everyone can do. It’s something that can be reached by anyone, but if you don’t try, you’ll never reach it. Once you yourself have reached your pinnacle point, it is even better to look back and think about what you have done. Would you rather look back on something and say you did it, but you did it the easiest way possible, or look back on something and say you completed it with flying colors? The sky is the limit in anything you do! The best thing about that is, the end of the universe has not been found. At this point, there is no limit, which means there is something for everyone in this world to reach and if you don’t work for it, you’ll never get there! Go out, be exceptional. Show the world what you can do to the best of your abilities because that is what is going to put you far ahead in life!


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