When you work on camp staff and have been working at a specific camp for five summers or more, there are certain words that only are understood by staff members that if non-staff come into camp and try and help, they just won’t understand.

  1. The Jep: To most people, there is a red jeep driving around camp that also has a silver door because it is a camp vehicle and accidents happen, but to camp staff, it is the Jep that the assistant program director drives around camp. The Jep is a vehicle that you better get out of the way for!IMG_2944
  2. Staff Land: Home away from home! A place across the lake, up in the trees is where the staff goes to get away and just relax. When on staff, it is the only place on camp property that you are allowed to be out of uniform and hang out with friends. It truly is home away from home.DurantStaffCabins1.jpg
  3. Campfire: To most people, it is a funny show that everyone loves and enjoys at the beginning of the week! To the staff, it is the first big impression we make to the campers and it is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work with completely original skits and jokes!IMG_2620
  4. The A Word: The “A” word to most people is innappropriate, but to camp staff, the word is “Announcements.” “Announcements, Announcements, Announcements. A terrible death to die, A terrible death to die, A terrible death to be talked to death, a terrible death to die. Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream, HAHA fooled you, It’s a submarine. Cause when you’re up, you’re up and when you’re down, you’re down, and when you’re only half way up, you’re neither up or down. We sold our cow, MOOOOOO, we sold our cow, MOOOOOO, we have no use, for your bull now. Have you ever seen a windbag, a windbag, a windbag? Have you ever seen a windbag? Well there’s one right now. Goes this way and that way and this way and that way, have you ever seen a windbag, well there’s one right now. SPEAK FREAK!” (Sorry, had to) It’s a song that is very long and is fun for people, but for staff, it’s the word that gets yelled at you constantly by campers.
  5. Water: Water is 70% of your body and very important, but at camp, It’s a lifeline. Staff drink so much of it throughout the summer that we could easily float a ship for a couple of weeks!
  6. Mama: Of course, everyone loves their mother, but at camp, we have our own set of mothers! Mama Scout, or Mrs. Grady takes care of all of us and is so awesome. Without her, camp would be crazy. On top of that we have many other older female staff that treat all of the staff as their babies and care for us in anyway they can. It truly is a huge family.
  7. A Brick: A wonderful tool for building to most people, at camp, it’s an old radio that is so terrible and heavy that they could be used as a hammer to put stakes in the ground. These radios are super old, but somehow still work like a charm! (ha)
  8. Tug: It’s a verb that tells people to pull on something, however, at camp, they are trucks that are strong enough to push around a jet, but are used to haul camp gear and are very useful tools!
  9. Death Wagon: Ah, The old van. Camp used to own a van that the staff memebers would take on their night off. The van was literally falling apart and was one of the scariest things to ride in, but it was the way to leave camp, so we did! So came the death wagon that every time someone would get off, they would say, “I’m never getting in that ever again.” However, they always did!
  10. Wednesday: Wednesday, HUMP DAY, the most important day of the week to many people! Wednesday is the Camp Carnival! We have games, competitions, music, and just plain scout fun! Wednesday is the middle of the week and the third day of Merit Badge instruction. It is the day that all of the scouts know who you are and how you instruct, but the day to break the ice of something exciting and new! Wednesday is a day for both the staff and the campers to just enjoy being at camp!

Camp, the best place on earth.


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