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Since I was born, Spirit has always been one of the most important things in my life. I will do almost anything for Spirit, especially if there is a spirit competition. Whether it be a simple blackout or some crazy day to dress up for, I’m in. Spirit weeks have always been a favorite of mine and it was really sad when I figured out things like that don’t happen in college. In high school especially, I was never “Normal” on a spirit week day. I have even gone as far as wearing a tire to school for “tire”d Tuesday! (Pictured in the slideshow above) Weird looks are the best and people will always remember you. Even if you can’t dress wacky for something or there is no theme, you can still have spirit. In scouting, in school, and in almost anything else, there is going to be a spirit competition of screaming or yelling or something that tests the amount of spirit in different groups for a prize of some sort. In scouting, there is a thing called the “Spirit Stick.” Whomever is in possession of the stick is said to have the most spirit. Why do people want to scream, lose their voices, and go crazy for a stick? Why is that a cool thing to do? My answer, because why not? Today, I worked at the 2016 Campbell University Accepted Students Day and I was a team leader. I had been waiting for this experience for a long time and I was finally ready. When future students were beginning to arrive, I simply walked around and talked to them. I wanted to make them feel as welcome as possible, but once we got in our groups, it was game time! There was no award for spirit, but Team 6 definitely had the most! When we first started our Ice Breaker game, I cracked jokes and smiled and even though it was super windy and kind of cold, I helped to keep everyone’s spirits high. My co-group leader and I smiled, played games, made everything we did into something fun, and truly brought our group into the Campbell Family. At the end of the day, we had to come up with an “on land” synchronized swimming routine. I honestly feel like if Team 6’s spirit had not been so high, it would not have turned out as awesome as it did. In life, people will make memories, people will remember events that happen, but they aren’t going to remember everything.  When people leave from wherever they are, they may not remember names, but the emotions that others made them feel will be remembered forever. Keeping high spirits makes people smile and when people are happy, situations are made better. No matter the time, no matter the place, having spirit will brighten at least one other person’s day!



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