To The Place I Never Thought I’d Leave

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To the place I never thought I’d leave, I’ll miss you! 15 years of holidays, 15 years of birthdays, 15 years of friends and family, and 15 years of love all wrapped up into one small condo in North Myrtle Beach. I grew up going down to this place during every school break, winter, spring, summer, or fall. It’s where I learned how to swim, it’s where I learned about sea creatures and sea shells, and it’s where I felt closest to God. Last week, I walked out on that balcony for the last time and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Hundreds if not thousands of pictures of me have been taken on that balcony and it truly is where I grew up. I went to my favorite places around the area. I had many firsts in Myrtle Beach. It was the place that I first rode a Segway, it was the place that I first went to an aquarium, and it was the first place that I laid on a bed of nails. This is the place that I completed school projects. I wrote and made music videos about Spanish to help myself remember things. It is the place that I planned my promposal for my junior prom. All of these things sound odd, but those memories carry me through life. Sunrise after Sunrise, I sat on the balcony and watched. Sound Machines are awesome, but nothing can touch the sound that the ocean itself has. In the summer, there is a firework show on the beach every night. I watched thousands of fireworks explode into beautiful colors. Every time I went to the beach, I always enjoyed relaxing. The beach was a place I could get away from everything that was happening in life and just look out into the ocean and breathe. The sound of the ocean is and always will be the most calming sound in the world. As I looked out into the ocean, I always felt as if I was looking at the edge of the world. Nothing else was there except the heavens above. I thank God for the chance that I had to visit this place for most of my life. There is no way that I could leave that place without seeing a sunrise at least once while I was there. The sunrise was always the prettiest over the ocean. It was a gift from God that always said to me, “I Love You” and I know that just those simple sunrises helped me get through life. To the place I thought I’d never leave, I thank you for the amazing fun I’ve always had. From the 17 pool rules that I read every time I went to the pool, to the scary elevator rides that I thought I almost died, and to the fire alarms that always went off, thank you for the fun, entertainment, and memories. I’ll never forget you as long as I live and I pray that one day I will be able to go back. To the place I thought I’d never leave, I love you.


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