It is often said, “Home is where the heart is.” Lately, I have discovered my heart is in a lot of different places. Home is not a specific place, but home is a time, moment, or thing that you yourself are invested in. Many of us seem to think of home as the place that we have lived in for most of our lives, which may be true, but there are other places and circumstances that we can agree that is our home. In the tile of pictures above, my home is represented. Every place in this picture is somewhere I left a piece of my heart. I may have visited the area for 10 days or have been visiting there for all 18 years for my life, but either way, it’s my home. Another quote also says, “A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of love and dreams!” Your heart brings the love that creates a home. For me, it doesn’t matter where I am, but if I am with the people I love, I am home. In many ways, this is exactly like the love of God. God has trusted each and everyone of us to leave home and complete something for him. He wants us all to leave his love in different places to the people around us to help them complete the task they have been given before each of us are called back home. As we leave our love, a home is created. Not only does our love become a part of the place and the people around us, but the people and places become a part of ourselves.

Temporary Home by Carrie underwood simply explains that our time on Earth is temporary, but is still a home. Home is where the heart is and Love is the greatest emotion in the world. Our time in the homes that we are comfortable in now is temporary. Spend the time wisely, find your home, help others enter your home and make it theirs as well. We all live together in this circle of life and it is important to spread love to make the future home for others the best it can be. That’s love.



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