I am in my second semester of college and in my English 102 class, I may have been given the easiest assignment yet, but it was incredibly difficult for me. On Friday, my professor said to bring in my favorite quote and a short paragraph explaining why that was my favorite quote. I heard this and immediately I knew exactly what my quote was going to be. After I asked her if the quote had to be famous, I lucked up and knew that I would use a quote that my grandfather always used to tell my cousins and I. “Save it for the biggies” is what he always said. This meant, don’t whine and complain over the small petty stuff, but save it all for the things that really matter in life and need an argument. I was not able to go back to my room and complete this assignment right away because I had to work, but I just knew that’s what I was going to write about. After a long Boy Scout training weekend, something had hit me. Love is what hit me. Once I got back to my computer, I began to search for quotes about love. I had heard a few before, but none that could truly capture the essence of what I was looking for. After hours of searching, I began to think about one of my role models in life, Robin Williams. One of my favorite quotes from Robin Williams says, “I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”robin_williams_001

Robin Williams was always smiling, just like I always am, but he himself was never happy. I feel that I am a genuinely happy person, but I have often thought that there is a subconscious sadness that is always inside of me. I have officially decided Love is the only thing that really matters. That is why, the quote I turned in, along with my two page response, was “The only love worthy of a name is unconditional” by John Powell because I feel, why love when the love is not true and unconditional. I love my friends, I love my family, and I love everyone that I cross paths with. I am the person to call when you are in trouble, and every time I see you, I will remind you of how much I love you. The words “I Love You” are often thrown around loosely and when used too often, people do not truly understand them. I do not use the term loosely and every time I say the words “I Love You” to whomever it may be, I truly believe it. I have always said it is important to remind everyone that you love them because it may be the last time you get a chance to. I will always love as God loves. This love is unconditional and no one can ever stop that. An assignment that should have taken no more than 30 minutes to complete made me re-evaluate life and think to myself, Am I loving as I should? I challenge every one of you to share this and tell someone you love them. “No matter what people tell you, Words and Ideas can change the world” – Robin Williams. One “I Love You” can brighten someone’s day, week, and possibly even life. Love yourself, love others, but whatever you may love, love it unconditionally. 


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